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With its extraordinary process of labor intermediation, Ubicanica.jobs brings together people, companies, jobs and projects that complement each other according to the needs of the labor market, uncovering all the talent of Nicaragua in a single platform. With Ubicanica.jobs the selection and evaluation process is time and cost efficient. Both applicants and companies will find the positions, projects or candidates they are looking for – simply and in real-time.


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You can use Ubicanica.jobs as a private individual, company, organization, headhunter, association, NGO or independent contractor. Subscriptions vary in the number of profiles and jobs available at a given time. Ubicanica.jobs subscription is currently free of charge for everyone.

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Profiles & documents

The first thing to do is create your user profile. Later, you can set up additional profiles on the same user account.
Manage all your documents simply and securely with the Ubicanica.jobs document management. Use it to exchange references or work samples, etc. with a trustworthy contact.

Set up & Publish:

Create your Job step by step and publish it. There are 5 mandatory items of information and you can enhance your Job with many more optional criteria. The default disclosure settings for your profile details, phone numbers, online information and documents can be adjusted at any time.

Top Matches:
How to get them

The more precisely you describe your Job, the better the system can find an offer or search that matches your Job. Your top matches will be displayed in real time in your Jobs section and even while you're creating or editing one of your Jobs. The match bar explains the exact accuracy of each top match.

Advantages & opportunities

Ubicanica.jobs is a powerful platform that brings together all of Nicaragua’s knowledge and skills quickly and accurately. It is for job seekers, employers, independent contractors, companies and educational institutions. For all industries and all jobs, whether full-time or part-time, permanent or fixed-term, local or international. The unique semantic matching concept compares all relevant criteria with one another in real time to match talent and opportunity precisely and anonymously. On Ubicanica.jobs you don’t search – you are found.


Ubicanica.jobs not only matches single terms such as gardener or IT specialist, but all the available information on education, qualifications, specializations, experience, responsibilities, tasks, duties, language skills and much more. Say you are looking for a position as a construction foreman: enter the languages you know, write about any and all of your specializations, emphasize your leadership qualities and elaborate on major projects that you have been involved in. Any additional information helps to find you that dream job that really suits your talents. As an employer, Ubicanica.jobs gives you almost limitless possibilities for setting the degree of specialization and required details so that your new employee fits your requirements perfectly.


With Ubicanica.jobs, you can recruit throughout Nicaragua in two languages (Spanish and English). You can create multiple user profiles and Jobs in several different languages and forms.

Your Jobs remain initially anonymous. That anonymity is removed only when mutual interest is sufficiently strong and you have expressly accepted a contact. Even then, your personal profile is only released gradually at your discretion, and over the period of time you define. If you have a corporate profile, you can choose whether or not you want to display your company name, logo etc. from the start.


All information, data and files are encrypted and protected without exception. To preserve these stringent security measures, Ubicanica.jobs has no links to social networks or to other insecure interfaces.


Discover and offer skills and competences cost-effectively, quickly and easily. Logically structured and user-oriented, the platform learns with every keystroke. In many cases, you are prompted by specific information on the screen.


Unrivalled: The new form of labor intermediation of Ubicanica.jobs

The labor intermediation of Ubicanica.jobs is based on key technology from JANZZ.technology. It matches people and jobs with unparalleled precision by comparing all relevant criteria with one another in real time and across different languages.

Short portrait of Ubicanica.jobs

Inspired by the Aprendo y Emprendo project to equip the youth of Nicaragua with skills aligned with the demands of the labor market, JANZZ.technology created a vision for a platform that does the same for all the people and businesses of Nicaragua. Driven by this idea, Switzerland-based tech company JANZZ.technology programmed and deployed on this project designed to strengthen the search for jobs and talent, thus boosting Nicaragua’s economy.

The job matching platform Ubicanica.jobs is the result of this cooperation and surpasses by far the country’s existing platforms in terms of accuracy and efficiency thanks to the cutting-edge technology it is based on.

Launched on October 1, 2020, Ubicanica.jobs is financed by the Aprendo y Emprendo project and the SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation), and operated by JANZZ.technology


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