Tips to get the most out of

Tips to get the most out of

The information you enter in the platform is the key to a good match. It is up to you to use the platform correctly and efficiently.


What should I write in the field “Occupation/profession” to have good matches if I am able to work in different fields?

​In the field "Occupation/profession" write the occupation you would like to practice in the future. Enter only one occupation per search.

Example: if you want to look for a job as a seller, cook or driver; do one job search for each occupation. 



Occupation Job 1: Seller

Occupation Job 2: Cook

Occupation Job 3: Driver



Occupation Job 1: Seller, Cook, Driver


What do I need to consider when having to decide whether to do one or several searches?


The system is intelligent, so it is only necessary to create a search for each occupation when they are very different from each other. 

Example: the system knows that cashier and ticket seller are similar occupations, but for nurse and driver you must create two separate job searches.


Cashier = Ticket seller

Nurse ≠ Driver


What should I write in the field "Skills/competences" to have the best match?

In the field "Skills/competences" add the knowledge acquired through training or experience, each separately. The system will make suggestions to you. Introduce only the skills that are related to the job you are looking for.
Example: You have experience as a cashier, but you want to work in a call center.
Customer service (it is an important skill for a call center)
Cash register (it is NOT an important skill for a call center)
Other skills that you consider important but not for the search you are doing can be indicated in another job search. It is not necessary to enter a long list of very similar skills; the system recognizes, for example, that if you know about sales then you know about trade, etc.
What should I write in the field "Social skills/soft skills"?
"Social skills/soft skills" are characteristics of your personality. For example: creativity, leadership, agility, persuasive skills, analytical thinking, logical thinking, etc.
What should I write in the field "Experience"?
In the "Experience" field you can enter information about what you have done in the past.
What can I do if I need guidance?
Consult the icon that appears to the right of each field and contains explanations, examples and suggestions.