Let's change the game

Until now, our struggles to build a better future in Nicaragua have felt like treading water. Efforts just fizzle out, many of us lack information, perspective and visibility. But we can change this. What we need is for us all – the people, the businesses, the educational institutions of Nicaragua – to unite and pool our efforts to help ourselves and each other.


Employment and entrepreneurship are key to a society’s wellbeing and we all have something to offer. Through Ubicanica.jobs we can become visible, find each other and bring together all the skills of Nicaragua, joining our efforts and matching our talents and our needs to create a better, stronger society.


Ubicanica.jobs is not just about offering and finding jobs. It’s about finding where our talents lie, uncovering our hidden skills and showing each other what our country, our people, we have to offer. Let’s work together and grow together. If we all sign up and use the platform, we can really change the game.


As an individual, you can use Ubicanica.jobs to


  • experiment with your Jobs to see where your professional opportunities lie and where you have gaps in your skill set
  • find information on training opportunities, tips for CVs and interviews
  • find job opportunities
  • get feedback from selection processes
  • showcase your skills and receive offers that suit both your talents and your needs
  • find helps and other home service providers


As a business, you can use Ubicanica.jobs to


  • showcase your services as a micro business or freelancer
  • actively search for suitable job candidates
  • simplify rejection processes
  • connect with educational institutions to communicate training needs


As an educational institution, you can use Ubicanica.jobs to


  • investigate and compare labor market demand and graduate profiles to keep your curricula aligned with market needs
  • connect with businesses to collaborate through internships and other contributions to training courses and education


Sign up now – the more we are, the stronger we become.