Ubicanica.jobs – The first AI-driven digital employment platform in Nicaragua

Ubicanica.jobs – The first AI-driven digital employment platform in Nicaragua

JANZZ.technology has launched an AI-driven digital employment platform for the country – the first of its kind in Central America.

Thanks to the cooperation between the Aprendo y Emprendo project, the SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation) and Swiss tech firm JANZZ.technology, the first project to truly digitalize recruitment processes in the labor market in Central America has been realized. To help mitigate the effects of the current economic situation in Nicaragua, intense work was put in over the last few months to develop the platform swiftly and cost-effectively so that it can be used by the people of Nicaragua as soon as possible.


The goal of the Ubicanica.jobs platform is not only to improve employment opportunities for job seekers, but also to address companies, authorities and educational institutions that offer jobs and training opportunities. This is the first project of its kind in Central America and is available in both Spanish and English. The platform incorporates the most recent technological advances to significantly improve job and candidate searches by integrating a wide variety of criteria, including social skills, education, experience, time and geographical availability, and other relevant variables.

According to the CEO of JANZZ.technology, Stefan Winzenried, this software brings transparency and efficiency to recruitment processes: job seekers can now create digital profiles which contain only information relating to what they are searching for and have to offer professionally. Any other information which could potentially lead to bias is hidden and disregarded in the matching process. On the other hand, all job-relevant information is utilized to generate accurate and truly relevant job or candidate suggestions. Once the registration process is completed, job seekers will have access to the job opportunities that best match their skills and abilities. The same applies to employers: as soon as they have created their profile, they will be shown all available candidates best suited to their vacancy.


Ubicanica.jobs helps candidates and companies to enrich their professional profiles and job descriptions, and freelancers and micro businesses can showcase their services. It also provides information for career starters on training opportunities and scholarships, as well as tips for CVs and interviews. On top of this, the platform can be used by all parties – employers, job seekers and educational institutions – to perform analyses that help understand existing skill gaps. With this, Ubicanica.jobs facilitates collaboration between businesses and training providers as well as curricula alignment with market needs, thus promoting better education and higher employability.


“We really hope that as many people and companies as possible use the platform,” says Stefan Winzenried, CEO of JANZZ.technology. “The potential of having all job offers, job seekers and everything that is involved in the labor market on a single platform is massive: it will improve employment opportunities for everyone on every level.”


Find out more about the platform in this YouTube video.