A new form of labor intermediation

The labor intermediation of Ubicanica.jobs is based on the key technology of JANZZ.technology. It matches people and jobs with unparalleled precision by comparing all relevant criteria with one another in real time.


Your advantages

Most job boards deliver suggestions based on one or two keywords. Unfortunately, this leads to search results that are too often irrelevant and inappropriate. At Ubicanica.jobs you can enter more criteria in the search to explain precisely what you are looking for. All the information you enter or upload will feed into the matching process. This is just one of many advantages and opportunities that the semantic matching by Ubicanica.jobs offers.


What makes our matching unique?

Today, job matching or even semantic job matching is offered by many. However, these providers often lack an essential component for true semantic matching: a knowledge graph, which stores information related to jobs and skills much like a human brain would. Our neural network currently knows more than 130'000 jobs in Spanish and English. The database also understands the affinities and subtle differences between jobs as well as the requirements and qualifications needed to perform these jobs. When you enter search criteria into Ubicanica.jobs, the system utilises the knowledge graph in the background to understand your input and enable precise matching on a multitude of relevant criteria. If you are looking for a job as a web developer for example, Ubicanica.jobs knows that an application developer - web or a multimedia developer are related job titles, which should be considered in your search as well. Furthermore, the Ubicanica.jobs platform is aware that with some professions like sales representatives, account managers, consultants or project managers, the deciding factor is not the job title, but the industry and specialization. In this way, a PR consultant will not receive suggestions for IT consultant vacancies. 


Thanks to the intelligence and the extraordinary search functionalities of Ubicanica.jobs, we offer our users the best suited job suggestions for their search criteria, indicating clearly how similar they are to the user's search. Convince yourself of the quality and service and become an Ubicanica.jobs member.