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With its advanced technology, brings together in a simple and real-time way people, companies, jobs and projects that complement each other according to the needs of the labor market, taking into account the skills, competencies and experiences.

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Are you looking for your first job? You already have a job but don't want to miss any opportunity or want to study and work at the same time? Creating your profile not only gives you access to all available jobs, professional training or apprenticeships that correspond to your competences, it also gives companies the chance to find you as well.

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Are you looking for the perfect candidate for your company? With you can offer jobs or search for qualified and suitable employees to fill your vacancies. No need to wait for someone to apply for the job, with we show you immediately if there are potential candidates or if you have to adapt your requirements to find the desired applicants.

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Benefit from free registration offers everyone in Nicaragua access to the platform entirely free of charge, allowing a simple and fast job or candidate search. Enter the promotion code JANZZ-2022-nica during registration and benefit from completely for free!

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TVET assistance

Missing skills? Learn about the Aprendo y Emprendo project and how one of our 214 TVET centers located across Nicaragua can help you develop in-demand skills through technical training – significantly improving your employability.

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changing the game

We all have something to offer. Let’s bring together all the skills of Nicaragua to build a better future.
Find out how we, the people, businesses and educational institutions of Nicaragua, can use to join our efforts and create a better, stronger society through information, perspective and visibility. Watch video

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TVET centers

the key to your future

Find you local TVET center and discover how their training programs can help you shape your future.
More than 214 TVET centers located throughout Nicaragua provide training at three levels for numerous technical careers and specialties across three economic sectors and aligned with labor market demand.

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Technical education

careers and specialties

Develop in-demand skills through technical training and significantly improve your employability.
Find out everything you need to know about the in-demand careers and specialties you can access through TVET training, including professional profiles as well as curricula, prerequisites, duration and location.

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Fair and non-discriminatory matching

Swiss tech firm develops AI-driven matching solutions that help bring together people and jobs, improving employability and employment – regardless of gender, race, disability or other personal characteristics.

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